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Archive for Month: August 2014

Cambridge Study: Effective Fin-Lit Begins By Age 7

“Mastery requires repetition,” said Sam X Renick in his CU Times piece that offers tips for teaching children financial literacy.

Three Reasons for Introducing Young Children to Financial Literacy

When it comes to personal finance, those who learn at a young age to appreciate money, self-discipline, and work ethic will become resourceful adults.

Incorporating Financial Literacy is Simple Addition

Certified Financial Planner Ashleigh Brooker offers simple solutions to teaching basic personal finance to children. Whether the lessons are taught in the classroom or at home, when put into practice at a young age, they become good lifelong habits.

Classroom Lessons Can Keep Kids Debt-Free

New study finds “increased education about financial concepts broadly lowered the rates of bankruptcy among former students.”

How Credit Unions Promote Financial Literacy

NCUA highlights what credit unions are doing to promote financial literacy.

Time is Ripe for Credit Unions

Panel suggests shared platforms and nontraditional market entrants as means of growing CU popularity.