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Best Practices & Social Media

Of the many forums for sharing best practices, Social Media is the easiest. Among Social Media platforms, LinkedIn currently owns the business category.

LinkedIn makes it easy to access trade news, information, and trends, and to connect with colleagues and organizations.

In a relatively short period of time, the Credit Union Network for Financial Literacy page has reached a small milestone of 100 followers, proving Social Media, while no substitute for in-person networking, is an effective tool for network expansion.

Our compatriots in the credit union industry are encouraged to boast their successes, ask questions of one another, and share helpful articles, statistics, and examples.

As much as we strive to direct traffic to our website, we would be remiss if we didn’t make equal efforts to drive traffic to our LinkedIn page—a solution for making connections with professionals who are passionate about financial literacy.

So, please bookmark this site and the CUNFL LinkedIn page.

Can you help us get to 1,000 followers? We look forward to seeing and sharing your contributions.