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Partner and Repeat Sales—A Cooperative Marketing Example

The best advice I’d ever received regarding entrepreneurship is “Partner and Repeat Sales!” What better way to promote and grow your brand than to identify with organizations whose mission aligns with yours?

Boost visibility and credibility.

DQ_Coupon_SisterThat’s the idea behind Credit Union Network for Financial Literacy’s partnership with the iconic Berenstain Bears. O Bee Credit Union, Tumwater, WA, is taking the partnership to member businesses, involving the likes of Dairy Queen, LimeBerry, and Little Caesars in its financial literacy efforts.

Talk about a win-win. With the attraction of The Berenstain Bears, credit union members are enticed to up their financial literacy game with vouchers from local outlets. Patrons of those outlets are encouraged to learn about responsible money management from their local member-owned financial institution. Now that’s co-operation!

What is your favorite example of cooperative marketing?