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Survey Says: 1 in 3 Adults Globally is Financially Literate

interest rates arrows graphicWith the Feds about to hike interest rates, a new survey reveals how little Americans know about how rates affect their personal finances.

As reported by Forbes, an S&P Global FinLit Survey assessed the level of adult financial literacy in more than 140 countries and found that only one in three adults around the world is financially literate.

In addition to discovering what adults know, the four-question survey discovered how much we do not know. Click here to take the quiz. Click here to read Forbes analysis.

Credit Unions have always been rock stars at providing members with financial education resources, and the best thing credit unions do is start young.

Though a slew of studies support beginning financial education as young as Kindergarten age, common sense dictates that forming responsible money habits early sets the stage for lifelong fiscal responsibility.

Understanding and properly managing personal finances is good for the individual, good for the community, and good for the economy at large.

Is your Credit Union offering youth financial education? Contact us to learn how we can help.