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Vermont Addresses the Need for Long-term Financial Literacy

VT Financial Literacy Task Force Presentation
VT Financial Literacy Task Force Presentation

Financial well-being is “not just good for the individual, but it’s good public policy for Vermont.” Those were the words of Vermont’s State Treasurer Beth Pearce, who emphasized the need to address financial literacy over the long haul, beginning with Kindergartners. In response to the state’s national ranking on financial literacy, the Vermont Financial Literacy Task Force called on state lawmakers to create a commission on personal finance and put together a plan to address financial education throughout VT schools, at every grade level, and among adults.

Such is the national trend! Click here to read a report about the positive affects of these efforts in Vermont.

CUNFL is uniquely equipped to assist Vermont and every state in the union with a sound early childhood financial education program that, when properly executed, will lay a solid foundation for lifelong financial responsibility. Click here to read more about The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program.