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RT Federal Credit Union is the latest to offer The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program

Credit Union Network for Financial Literacy (CUNFL) is pleased to announce RT Federal Credit Union, Rome NY has teamed up with CUNFL and the beloved Berenstain Bears® to teach children the responsible money management concept Save, Share, Spend, Earn.

Rome Teachers Federal Credit Union LogoRT is now an official sponsor of The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program, a youth education and savings club created by CUNFL in response to the growing need for financial wellness. Young members of RT Federal Credit Union will be introduced to money management in a fun and engaging way. Parents can take comfort in the fact that their efforts to teach financial responsibility at home are supported by RT Federal Credit Union and reinforced by the iconic Berenstain Bears®.

The Berenstain Bears® Financial Literacy Program includes age-appropriate lessons and activities, Cub Account kid’s savings plan, Cub Club, and lifelong experiential skills. Endorsed by The National Credit Union Foundation, The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program® meets national standards for financial literacy and champions the Credit Union philosophy of People Helping People.

“Our credit union was established in 1958 by teachers and administrators who deeply valued education, and we carry that spirit forward today. By introducing financial education in a fun and engaging way, we hope to inspire young students to learn sound financial habits from an early age” Elaina MacKenzie, Marketing and Community Engagement at RT Federal Credit Union, expressed. “With the help of the beloved bear family, we hope to make financial education accessible to everyone and help build a brighter financial future for all.”

Credit Union Network for Financial Literacy (CUNFL) is a wholly owned Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) of Franklin Mint Federal Credit Union. CUNFL focuses on helping credit unions provide financial education solutions while promoting the value of credit union membership. “We are thrilled to welcome RT Federal Credit Union as a valued sponsor of The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program. Their commitment to empowering communities through financial education aligns perfectly with our mission to foster lifelong financial wellness” said Rick Durante, Executive Director, CUNFL.

The staff began developing The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy program when CUNFL partnered with Berenstain Enterprises, Inc. in 2012. In 2015, CUNFL launched The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program and The Berenstain Bears Visit the Credit Union by Mike Berenstain nationally, making it available to other credit unions. For more information, visit www.cunfl.com.