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RT Federal Credit Union is the latest to offer The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program

Credit Union Network for Financial Literacy (CUNFL) is pleased to announce RT Federal Credit Union, Rome NY has teamed up with CUNFL and the beloved Berenstain Bears® to teach children the responsible money management concept Save, Share, Spend, Earn. RT is now an official sponsor of The Berenstain Bears Financial […]


Financial Literacy Spotlight: The Berenstain Bears Cub Club

From CUSO Magazine When it comes to finances and financial literacy, children can often get overlooked in the conversation. This seems like a logical decision because, well, they usually have no money, bills, or bank accounts, and are often years away from these things. Why teach financial literacy now when […]


Lack of financial literacy cost 15% of adults at least $10,000 in 2022. Here’s how the rest fared

Sarah O’Brien@SARAHTGOBRIEN Courtesy of MSNBC KEY POINTS The share of people who said not being financially literate cost them more than $10,000 is up from 11% in 2021, according to a new report. Most respondents say it cost them under $500, if at all. Advocates say research shows the importance […]


THE BERENSTAIN BEARS FINANCIAL LITERACY PROGRAM LAUNCHES NEW CUB CLUB WEBSITE Credit Union Network for Financial Literacy (CUNFL) announces the latest edition to The Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program, cubclubonline.com. The new website is designed to help guide children on the path to financial wellness by reinforcing the money management […]

Join the Cub Club!

Encourage your youngest members to Save, Share, Spend, Earn when they join the Berenstain Bears Financial Literacy Program Cub Club! Contact us to learn more about how to offer this unique program at your credit union. It’s easy to implement and provides great value for your members.

Webinar For Credit Unions: Exploring CFPB Financial Education Resources

Join us for another special Credit Union Webinar! Did you know that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers a number of free resources for consumers and credit unions? These resources can be a great tool in helping your members improve their financial wellness. This can especially be a great help to your credit union […]

Trouble With Money Books Available to All Credit Unions

This classic Berenstain Bears story is a perfect way to teach children about the importance of being responsible with money while promoting the value of credit union membership!   Come visit Bear Country with this classic Credit Union Financial Literacy Series book by Stan and Jan Berenstain. Mama and Papa […]